The Scariest Thing This Halloween Season Might Surprise You…

It’s almost the end of October and we’re all in the mood for a good scare right? Of course we are – it’s Halloween! Luckily there’s tons of spine-chilling horror around to keep the fear juices flowing.

In gaming news Sega released the much anticipated first-person survival horror developed by The Creative Assembly, Alien: Isolation. Not to be out done Bethesda Softworks also released a creepy survival horror aptly named The Evil Within earlier this month. Both games are sure to satisfy any gamer’s appetite for the disturbing this Halloween (no matter what gender you are).

Whilst the movie scene was kind of a disappointment this horror season it’s good to see television hasn’t dropped the monster ball. AMC’s fear fest is coming to a close but there are still some great titles you don’t want to miss including, Halloween, Chucky  and Children of the Corn just to name a few. Speaking of missing – if you didn’t catch the third installment of The Walking Dead season five this past Sunday – what are you waiting for?! You won’t get any spoilers from me but I will say that “Four walls and a Roof” is one the darkest episodes to date, second only to “The Grove” in season four.

No cable? No problem. Netflix has got you covered with a stellar inventory of great classic horror and since it’s available at your convenience you can create your very own fear fest.

But the scariest thing this Halloween season has nothing to do with monsters or serial killers and is so mundane that you probably do it everyday on your way to work. That’s right – I’m taking about driving.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

On Monday the season premier of Canada’s Worst Drivernow in it’s 10th season, once again shed light on the ever growing problem of unsafe drivers in Canada. Over 500 people were nominated but only 8 “lucky” applicants were chosen and made their way to the now famous driving rehabilitation centre.  Not surprisingly the show’s host, Andrew Younghusband, believes everyone who was nominated desperately needs driver rehabilitation. Looks like this season will be focusing on one of the biggest issues to ever plague Canadians streets – distracted driving.

Before I go any further I just want to mention that the reason I talk so much about Canada is well, I’m Canadian and I write what I know.  Don’t get me wrong – I realize unsafe driving is a global issue. According to the World Heath Organization an estimated 1.24 million people were killed in traffic related incidents in 2010. The global average death rate for traffic accidents  totals 18 fatalities per 100,000 people yearly and 59 percent of those deaths are young adults between the ages of 15 and 44. Disturbingly only 28 countries (representing a mere 7% of the world’s population) have adequate laws that address all five risk factors; speeds, impaired–driving, helmets, seat-belts and child safety restraints.

Count 25 seconds on your clock; someone just died in a traffic related accident.

Scared yet? You should be.

So that being said, back to Canada…

What really struck me about Tuesday’s episode of CWD and what ultimately prompted me to write this article was the utter disrespect some of these drivers have for other people on the road. The numbers are scary enough but to actually see someone driving with that little disregard is down right terrifying. Here are a couple of examples of what I mean;

Chanie, a driver from Calgary, got her licence in PEI nearly a decade ago but has never bothered to learn the rules of the road. She freely admits she “learned” to drive the day before she took her drivers test and shouldn’t have passed the exam. She doesn’t know what yield means,  asks questions like “what’s a road sign?” and regularly ignores stop signs. In additional to her generally lack of road knowledge Chanie adds distracted driving to the mix by constantly using her cell phone to text and take selfies while on the road.

To be fair Chanie isn’t the only one obsessed with her cell phone on the show. Gorge is an Ontario driver, who I can only describe as a road bully, can’t resist the urge to watch television on his phone while he purposely tail gates other drivers. Savannah from Newfoundland pays more attention to her phone then her mirrors while Mariah, another Ontario resident, rear ended a cop car while texting.

Even more alarming then her cell phone use is Mariah’s attitude regarding impaired driving. She admits to driving drunk yet can’t stop smiling about it. I wonder how many other young people have the same nonchalant approach to driving under the influence?

When it comes to educating the public, especially teens, about the dangers of impaired driving the focus is on how to get teens not drink while  education on how to drink responsibly is sub par at best. Young people are going to party and we are kidding ourselves if we think they won’t drink alcohol. We have the same problem when it comes to education on safe sex but that’s a topic for another day.

An organization called Arrive Alive Drive Sober is attempting to warn youths about the dangers of driving impaired by using pop songs in there adverts.

Will a catchy song really make young people take DUI more seriously? Maybe their hearts are in the right place but I think the message is lost – especially since this video focuses on fines and a criminal records rather then the deaths that occur when people drive while impaired. If we want young men and women to act like young adults they are perhaps we need to take a more adult approach.

I’ll leave you with some scary food for thought;

  • In the time it took you to read this blog an estimated 12 people died in traffic related accidents
  • Impaired driving is the number one cause of criminal death yet most of our young population find driving under the influence amusing – in response we trying to remedy  this problem with pop music.
  • Distracted driving is currently the number one cause of traffic accidents –  which means every time you get behind the wheel of your car or even walk down the street, you are putting your life  in the hands of  drivers who consciously put your life at risk to check facebook updates. Now what’s scarier then that?

Happy Halloween everyone…Drive safe.

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Misogyny: Every Little Bit Matters

I thought this particular blog post summed up how I feel about #gamergate.  I am a gamer but you don’t have to be to understand that this senseless violence directed at women under the guise of journalistic ethics is absolutely appalling. Unfortunately we live in a world where the vast majority who believes feminism is no longer required – where news hosts can “excuse” young women from voting because too hot to care and where toddler Halloween customers for girls look like lingerie.

The Melissaverse

I have been forced, through sheer volume of Twitter exposure, to learn what #Gamergate is.

I’m not a gamer. Never have been. I have no reason to take any interest at all in the internal politics of the gaming community. But there’s this stupid hashtag peppering my Twitter feed, compelling me to find out what the hell it means.

Well, sort of. I know what some of its proponents say it means and I know what basically all of its opponents say it means. To be frank, I don’t care how it started (actually, given that the term was coined by Adam Baldwin, I’m actively bummed to know how it started) or whether the original accusation of bias has any merit (seems like it doesn’t, but I’m not going to do enough research to be able to speak with any authority on that). Here’s what I care about: Gamergate…

View original post 758 more words

And you didn’t think Fox News could be any more stupid…


Kimberly Guilfoyle a co-host of  the programs The Five and Outnumbered On Fox recently stated that young women, to be specific here, young beautiful women should be excused from voting and jury duty because they just don’t “get it” which translates to young women don’t have the life experience to be able to make an educated decision.

Quote: ‘They’re like healthy and hot and running around without a care in the world”

Clearly this is not an issue of context. The Liberal Media is not looking for reasons to bash Fox News.  No one has to go LOOKING for an excuse to bash Fox…they slap you right in the face with their stupidity.

Sadly this is just another example of a person who has media access and the opportunity to educate young people especially in this case young women but chooses to pander to our sexist, misogynistic society.

If you were trying to take women’s rights back a step Kimberley, all I have to say is, well done -well done indeed.



Comments about Ottawa shooting results in Cyber terrorism

This past Wednesday Canada was rocked by a violent attack in Ottawa leaving two men dead, another two people injured and a country in mourning. My heart breaks for for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a man who clearly had so much to offer but who’s life was cut short by this senseless violence. This attack comes only two days after an attack in  Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec which also took the life of a Canadian solider, Patrice Vincent. My thoughts are with their family and friends.

I am Canadian and in times of crisis I have even more reason to be proud of my county. The news coverage and response from our government has been tasteful and on point, a call to rally in this time of mourning and stand together against those who threaten us. We are not afraid. I have never been so proud.

So its with a heavy heart that I must now talking about what is happening on twitter and social media in reaction to a comment made by Chirssy Teigen  following the Ottawa shooting. For those of your who have no idea who I’m talking about, Teigen is an American model. She tweeted:

“Active shooting in Canada, or as well call it in America, Wednesday”

The backlash from this statement as resulted in Teigen stepping away from twitter as she has received numerous death threats. While I agree that her comment was in poor taste, I most certainly do not believe it warranted this kind of reaction. If I thought it was a good idea to threaten the life of everyone who tweeted something stupid I’d have to quit my day job to keep up.

Lets be clear – When is it a good idea to threaten someone in real-life/Online because you disagree with their point of view? NEVER!

I am quite frankly appalled by this reaction. . This woman made an insensitive comment but that doesn’t give anyone the right to threaten her life.  We are better then this; internet terrorism – I use to call it cyber bulling but I don’t think that term cuts it anymore – has got to stop. Lets start here Canada.

– L

Turtles, Turtles Baby?

Didn’t think Kraft Dinner could get any better? Guess again!

That’s right boys and girls – Ninja Turtle KD and who better to promote this magnificent product? Vanilla Ice!  Oh be still my beating heart! I think my inner 90’s child just peed a little in her Michelangelo undies with all the excitement .

Gone Girl – First impression

I know, I know I missed the train on this one and another review of this book seemed pointless but cut me some slack please? I did have a baby. I promise the next review will be current.


First impressions

I’m usually suspicion of anything that starts with pages of praise – Gone Girl starts with six. I feel like that much pushiness at the beginning of a book forces me into a corner. You’d better like this book otherwise your stupid and wouldn’t know a good book if…well you get the idea. I’m going to do best not to give in to the peer pressure.

56 pages in…

I really don’t like Amy…is it just me? I feel bad because I know she is missing and I don’t want her to be dead but as a person I really don’t like her. She talks like she from another planet and I just don’t connect with her. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m suppose to like her at all…

On the flip side of that, I like Nick. I don’t know if he did anything to hurt his wife, I don’t feel like he would but that remains to be seen. He seems nice and I like his interactions with his sister. I find it a bit off putting that I am more emotionally invested in the guy that might have murdered his wife then the woman he may or may not have murdered.

The writing is good, not to wordy and easy to read. What I mean to say is it flows well and I don’t find my mind wandering off and then having to reread. Flynn makes her point, does it well and moves on. At the very least I can say that she knows what she’s doing in the writing department but the jury still out on the plot.