Gone Girl – First impression

I know, I know I missed the train on this one and another review of this book seemed pointless but cut me some slack please? I did have a baby. I promise the next review will be current.


First impressions

I’m usually suspicion of anything that starts with pages of praise – Gone Girl starts with six. I feel like that much pushiness at the beginning of a book forces me into a corner. You’d better like this book otherwise your stupid and wouldn’t know a good book if…well you get the idea. I’m going to do best not to give in to the peer pressure.

56 pages in…

I really don’t like Amy…is it just me? I feel bad because I know she is missing and I don’t want her to be dead but as a person I really don’t like her. She talks like she from another planet and I just don’t connect with her. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m suppose to like her at all…

On the flip side of that, I like Nick. I don’t know if he did anything to hurt his wife, I don’t feel like he would but that remains to be seen. He seems nice and I like his interactions with his sister. I find it a bit off putting that I am more emotionally invested in the guy that might have murdered his wife then the woman he may or may not have murdered.

The writing is good, not to wordy and easy to read. What I mean to say is it flows well and I don’t find my mind wandering off and then having to reread. Flynn makes her point, does it well and moves on. At the very least I can say that she knows what she’s doing in the writing department but the jury still out on the plot.


Tell me what your thinking! I really want to know

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