Comments about Ottawa shooting results in Cyber terrorism

This past Wednesday Canada was rocked by a violent attack in Ottawa leaving two men dead, another two people injured and a country in mourning. My heart breaks for for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a man who clearly had so much to offer but who’s life was cut short by this senseless violence. This attack comes only two days after an attack in  Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec which also took the life of a Canadian solider, Patrice Vincent. My thoughts are with their family and friends.

I am Canadian and in times of crisis I have even more reason to be proud of my county. The news coverage and response from our government has been tasteful and on point, a call to rally in this time of mourning and stand together against those who threaten us. We are not afraid. I have never been so proud.

So its with a heavy heart that I must now talking about what is happening on twitter and social media in reaction to a comment made by Chirssy Teigen  following the Ottawa shooting. For those of your who have no idea who I’m talking about, Teigen is an American model. She tweeted:

“Active shooting in Canada, or as well call it in America, Wednesday”

The backlash from this statement as resulted in Teigen stepping away from twitter as she has received numerous death threats. While I agree that her comment was in poor taste, I most certainly do not believe it warranted this kind of reaction. If I thought it was a good idea to threaten the life of everyone who tweeted something stupid I’d have to quit my day job to keep up.

Lets be clear – When is it a good idea to threaten someone in real-life/Online because you disagree with their point of view? NEVER!

I am quite frankly appalled by this reaction. . This woman made an insensitive comment but that doesn’t give anyone the right to threaten her life.  We are better then this; internet terrorism – I use to call it cyber bulling but I don’t think that term cuts it anymore – has got to stop. Lets start here Canada.

– L


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