Photo 101 #3 Rubber Ducky Your the One

Water. Water…Water…water…

Well that’s easy right? I live on an island surrounded by the beautiful Atlantic ocean and Newfoundland has some of the most amazing coast lines in the world. Simple. Perfect. Done. Not quite.

I have been foiled again by bad weather, a lack of transportation and a cranky baby in desperate need of a nap. Oh bother.

No matter, I tell myself. I shall come up with something… Think…Think…Think…

Then it hit me; literally the water hit me in the face as I attempted to extract a wet wiggling baby from the tub and eureka! Water = Bath time.

When I brought Thea home from the hospital I was terrified to give her a bath. What if she slipped from my hands? What if the water was too hot? Too Cold? You can drown in an inch of water you know – I saw it on the discovery channel, I insisted to my mother who was trying not to laugh.

Despite my reservations I eventually gave in but it was a learning process. Then, like babies do, Thea started getting bigger and as she grew so did my confidence. Good thing too because my little turtle loves the water and soon it became our favorite time of the day. So that’s what water means to me: tubby time with my girl and her little yellow friend.

Honorable Mentions

I took a bunch of pictures like always and while I ultimately went with Ms ducky above there were a few I really liked and wanted to share.

DSC01635 DSC01631

# 1 looked too much like a advert for Johnson’s so it didn’t make the final cut – I did however learn somethings about focus. # 2 – some more bath time pals and last but not least #3; I can never resist a batman reference….


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