Dear Dream Reader

I was reluctant to write a “dream reader” post. This blog was never intended to appeal to just one type of reader and I worried I might pigeonhole myself.  I want it to be like that book you found buried in a box  while you were clearing the attic. With a torn cover and coffee stained pages it’s clearly seen better days; definitely one for the junk pile but just as your about to throw it in the bin something stops you. Divine intervention perhaps? Cleaning forgotten, you snuggle back against some old pillows and crack it open; a world of infinite possibilities awaits. A grand adventure? A thought provoking tale? Or maybe just something silly that makes you smile. I want this blog to be all those things and more.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that all of you are my dream readers. Is that a desperate cry for help from a girl who wants everyone to like her – maybe, but I think it’s more then that. I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to be part of a global community. I think we all have something to share that’s uniquely ours and the beautiful thing about that truth is simply this; we can all learn something from one another.

So before you pass on a blog(or anything really) because its not something you would “normally” read, stop; crack that book open and take a second look. You should never judge a book by it’s cover or a blog by just one post – L

Oh one more thing before I go. Part of the challenge was to “add something new” to you, something I haven’t done before. The daily post had an article about serial blog posts and  I am playing with the idea of doing a weekly post  on Fridays. Since Friday happens to be garbage day at our house I was thinking about doing a “weekly review” of things I wanted to share my opinion on – in particular things that bothered me or  I feel strongly about…sort of like a weekly spring cleaning of the mind. I have a few different title ideas but I’d really love some feedback – hence the poll below which counts as my something “new”…

I’m also open to suggestions!

This blog post was due yesterday as part of Blogging 101 but I needed a little bit more time to put my thoughts in order; hopefully future posts will be on time 🙂 I also wanted to thank everyone who has followed me so far; it makes me incredible happy that you want to keep reading. To those who haven’t subscribed; I really hope you find something here that provokes a thought or a giggle because really that’s what I’m all about.


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