Photo 101: Solitude and Connect

I’m a little behind so here is my attempt at catching up – tomorrow there will also be two pictures and that should put me on track. I wish I had time to put more thought into these but life’s kinda crazy right now, when it rains it pours amiright?


This is Ruby, our pet rose hair tarantula – she is the most solitary creature I know. She chills out in her habitat, minding her own business. I used to feel bad because she was all alone in there but all spiders lead a pretty solitary life – except for Charlotte of course. Ruby has never saved any pigs but once we did try and feed her a mouse (not my idea) and well, prudence the mouse lived another two long years.


This was is pretty boring but my phone does keep me connected to the outside world. It’s hard to remember a time without it – I can call my mom, order a pizza, prove my friends wrong when they tell me ridiculously wrong information…ya know the important stuff.  As much as I love technology sometimes isn’t great just to turn it off and disconnect for a while? Sometimes silence really is golden.


9 thoughts on “Photo 101: Solitude and Connect

  1. I absolutely love your header, those words strongly resonate for me. While I nearly had a heart attack at the giant spider (I am horrifically terrified of them) I liked that you accept her solitude and that she didn’t eat the mouse! Do I want to ask how you know she’s a she?

    Isn’t it interesting that many people would put that exact same photo as their main means of connection, including me. And how hard it would be for us to turn the phone off, its like its just waiting for us to weaken and check the screen for messages. I miss when a picture similar to your header would have featured there – the simple pen and paper and a physical letter.


    • Thanks, the words are me trying to explain how I feel about myself now because I spent long time trying to force myself to be what everyone else thought I should be, which was like trying to stuff everything you own into one tiny cardboard box. I like to think of people as a mosaic now and it’s been great exploring all the little parts that make me, me.

      Sorry about the scare, I wasn’t sure when we got her that she was a girl – the people are the pet store couldn’t tell me but I we just knew her name was Ruby and so she became a girl. They say female spiders live a lot longer then male and it’s been almost 7 years, the pet store said she was probably about 2 when we adopted her. Plus we really bonded when I worked from home, her little station is set up by my desk and I’d chat to her sometimes…she’s a really good listener.

      I love pen and paper, I still have a pen pals…it’s just do fun to get that letter in the mail instead of your inbox. It’s solid and real. Some of my favorite days is when we agree to shut the phones off and just have a quiet day – when my daughter was born I disconnected myself for a week…of course I has to deal with a lot of missed call and notification when I checked back in but it was nice with my little family.

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      • I must confess I copied your header to my blog about today’s blogging 101 exercise that sent me blog hunting with a strong suggestion that people follow the link and take a look at your blog. They can see your header but not what it says as further incentive to go look for themselves. You have written a beautifully crafted summary of who am I and how often we believe that we have to conform to one ideal or one definition – I like yours better!!! Thanks for the great words and inspiration – I will be following your blog with great interest!!


  2. I really like your Solitude photo. Amazing clarity on the hair on the spider legs.
    Why would you feed her a mouse? Is she big enough to eat a mouse?


    • Rose hairs are big enough to eat a mouse, just like a snake would. I was totally against the idea but the pet store people suggested we try it because she had stopped eating crickets(what i didn’t know at the time was she was getting ready to molt), Unfortunately (I like to think fortunately, depends on how you look at it) the pet store guy didn’t tell us we needed to buy a little white mouse because they are smaller and blind…prudence was too big (thank goodness) and made herself a little home in the habitat by burrowing. We took her out of course and she stayed with us a while and eventually went to live with a friend 🙂 and that’s the story of prudence


      • Awesome . A rather large spider. We call the little mice that are blind a pinky because of the color. I have a snake that eats mice which was why I was surprised.


  3. Both photos work for me 🙂 I like the way the spider looks as if she’s turning her back on the world. I thought of phones, too, but you did a nice job with your photo.


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