Photo 101: The Natural World (Day and Night)

It’s fall here in Newfoundland and even as nature readies it’s self for a long sleepy winter there is beauty everywhere you look. I decided to take a few pictures, in truth I just couldn’t pick which ones I liked the best. It was time for my weekly trip comic book run and I decided to take my camera along. These pictures were taken just behind the shop;


These next photos were taken a little closer to home; the tree in my yard to be exact. Nature is so different at night and maybe even more beautiful. It was also a great opportunity to try out the flash on my camera. I really like how they turned out and I enjoyed learning more about focus and actually using flash.



5 thoughts on “Photo 101: The Natural World (Day and Night)

  1. Very nice. Its sputtering into winter here in Central Ontario as well. It was 15C on Tuesday. Yesterday barely broke 3C and tomorrow we should get snow. Such is the roller coaster weather of this area. Love your photos. Your night time shots came out very nicely with the flash. Yesterday’s challenge is to focus on the sun – ha!, no sun here for the last week. I’ll have to improvise but not sure how yet. Cheers


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