The who (not the band or the doctor)
As you might have guessed my name is Lacey. I’m a 28 year old Canadian mother of two (if you count my dog, which I totally do). The human mom thing is kind of new; my daughter was born in April of this year.

I’m a self proclaimed geek/nerd – is there a word for that? Neek? Gerd?

Anyway…my list of interests are kind of random so a pretty normal day used to consists of re watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead so I can write an in-depth analysis using my laptop which is covered in “think geek” stickers all the while drinking herbal tea from my beloved wonder woman mug. Somewhere in the back of my mind there is always either a knitting project I want to start or a Harry Potter fan fiction that demands to be written down and shown to no one. I accomplish all of this sporting a t-shirt usually depicting some sort of super hero logo or a personal favorite; a ninja cat who proclaims to be have a black belt in awesome. Oh, and I read – a lot.

I still do all those things just now I do it with a tiny human strapped to me – she too wears a wonder women shirt and together we are attempting to figure this motherhood thing out. Should
you decide to follow me you’ll probably hear more about our adventures – so far I’ve learned that
most of the stuff I thought I knew about having a baby and raising children was absolutely wrong, no matter how expensive a gift you buy a child they will always play with the box or the tag and  the color and frequency of – well how do I put this delicately…  baby “fluff” is now very important and the topic of many a discussion in my house…

Well that’s me, the gist anyway – it’s hard to sum yourself in just a few paragraphs. Which brings me to the main reason why I started this blog. Scraps of Lace, as the title implies, is intended to be a scrapbook look into my life – the bits and pieces I’ve collected along the way that make me, me.

While I know the internet can certainly be a scary place full of trolls and bad information – it can also be a wonderful tool for learning and connecting to people around the world. I want to contribute to a global community of ideas – maybe that’s a bit ambitious for a first time blogger but a girl has to start somewhere. I think we all have something to share that’s uniquely ours and the beautiful thing about that truth is simply this; we can all learn something from one another.


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